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Albannaich - James Penny

I will keep this very short and sweet, as my life so far hasn’t been much different from most people. I came from a big family and lived on a council estate, which was great at the time. I hated school and left as soon as possible with no qualifications to my name, but was eager to work. I had a go at steel erecting for a few years and done some stupid things in my spare time. I then got into scaffolding and did even more stupid things, but hey I was young.

I blinked one day and before I knew it I had been married for 18 years. My twin daughters were 17 and I was 48 years old. (Yippbloodyee). I have been running a scaffold company for over half of those years. When I first started to scaffold it was a great laugh. We used to get up to all kinds of harmless fun, well sort of harmless! A few years ago something happened to my family, which triggered off all sorts of emotions that I never thought I had. Thanks to my wife, things turned around and our lives got back to normal, whatever normal is!

These thoughts at that time are what inspired me to write this book.


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